10 Best Bibles for Kids From A Parent With Young Kids

best bibles for kids

Looking for the best Bibles for kids? Have you ever felt like your child was just not interested in what you were telling them from your adult bibles? Well, reading the bibles geared towards younger readers can help you shared the story of Jesus and the gospel in an engaging manner. Children love stories and parents just like you, can give them stories with meaning that will impact their lives positively by using kid friendly bibles as I dare say that the best stories for kids are found in the bible.  

An ideal good bible should make the stories exciting with lots of pictures and needs to be written in language easy for young readers to understand and short enough to keep the attention of young children. This is because the bible contains the story of God. It is God’s word which ultimately instructs us, corrects us and leads us in the way of righteousness which is a good thing. The best time to begin this work is in early childhood as when we train children in the Lord, the teaching will be etched in their minds even if later in life they do not choose to follow it. So, what are the best teaching Bibles?

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Best Bibles For Kids

Toddlers love books that not only teach them how to read, but also teach them about the world around them. Some of the many benefits of reading to children are that it increases their vocabulary, they improve in social skills and it can help children develop empathy skills.

Reading the bible is a great choice to introduce your child to the bible and teach them about God by reading to them biblical stories and teaching lessons in a fun and interactive way.

If you are looking for a toddler Bible this would be my top recommendation. I have been reading this to my child since birth. It is my child’s own bible and it is enjoyable and the pictures are awesome.

As a parent, what I like about  The Beginner’s Bible is that while the stories are easy to read and understand, the facts surrounding the original story remains factual which can be a challenge to find sometimes when looking for biblical stories to read to younger kids. I would say it is one of the good children’s bibles to purchase.


The Best Teaching Bibles

The best way to teach your toddler the bible is to read to them the bible. Bibles for toddlers and beginning readers are essentially just bible stories written to appeal to this age group. Here are some suggestions for the best Bibles for young kids.

For early readers, the book’s ease of reading is important. Here are some options for children’s Bible to consider, these have simple text and are easy to understand.

For this age group, large pictures are appealing and so The Lion First Bible   would be one to consider. The Lion First Bible has plenty of amazing children’s stories that will introduce them to the Bible. Sin and salvation are woven throughout the collection of stories selected for this kids Bible. The pictures are engaging and stories fun to read and disturbing details are presented using simple words hence it is in a kid friendly manner. If longer length stories are your cup of tea take a look at the The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible 

It has illustrations that are very well drawn. The way the words are laid out make it easy for kids to understand without diluting the actual factual events. Even though this is more ideal for an older age group. If you are into a bit of humor the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids  is worth looking at. Phil Visher did an excellent job writing this bible. It contains biblical truths- simple enough for kids to understand but not watered down.

 Each story is vividly illustrated, takes just five minutes to read, and includes a Family Connection section to encourage family Bible study and help readers learn, talk, and pray together! PLUS, bonus content connects the dots of each Bible story, making the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids a family devotional Bible that provides a big picture, applicational view of the Biblical narrative. 

For those who love to touch, see and hear, the Lift the Flap Bible has several flaps which make the experience great and so is one of the best bibles for toddlers as they always like something exciting. The  soft furry cover of the Baby’s Hug-a-Bible with its short bible stories in a rhyming format is appealing as an infant bible and up to toddler age group to hug and keep God’s word close to the heart. It can also be used for early readers.

The My Sing-Along Bible is also a great option for keeping those active toddlers engaged in God’s word. If you are interested  in a DVD with your child’s  bible, the Read and Share Toddler Bible  is one to consider. All these are wonderful choices which can help you teach toddlers the bible. They can also help early readers learn the bible while learning new words. View reviews of this product along with other options and this will help you make a great decision about which bible is best for your kids.

Kids Study Bibles

Full disclosure, this is not a study Bible, but there is certainly a reason why this is a best seller.

Forget boring! Dave Strehler’s did a great job with the bible made easy for Kids as it takes readers both young and older children on a fun-filled, informative journey to understand the Bible and apply it to their lives. Conversational in tone, the writing is clear and simple. Contents are jam-packed with line drawings that beg to be colored, charts that help explain complex facts and concepts, questions that provoke thoughtful reflection and prompts that generate rousing discussions. Key Biblical topics like faith and salvation are explained in kid-friendly, age-appropriate terms.

Read in conjunction with the Bible, this creative learning tool can help kids discover the exciting connection between Bible stories, their individual lives and God’s redemptive plan for mankind. If you rather an actual Bible, then these is a New King James Bible Version that is this NKJV, Study Bible for Kids.

Best Bible Stories For Kids

There are many amazing Bible stories for kids that not only teach them to be good and kind, but also provide a strong foundation of faith. Bible storybooks are also a great way to teach toddlers and kids about the bible. If you want a bible story book with activities for kids, Read and Share Bedtime Bible and Devotional is great. It has good illustrations, bible verses, activities and discussion starters. Little Hands Story Bible is also another good choice as it offers a challenge to spot a particular thing in each picture so it will definitely keep your child’s attention.

Wise for Salvation has interactive devotions. It will help your child learn Bible stories and biblical themes while doing activities such as acting, dancing and drawing. 

Are you excited when you get a letter or email from someone you love? Well, Love Letters from God has popular bible stories along with a special letter to the child from God in a lift the flap envelope. What a wonderful idea for kids to get to know and love God.

If you want books that teach bible lessons but aren’t from the bible, some of the best children’s bible story books are Nate and the cake and Halfway Herbert. Nate and the cake is a story about obedience.  It tells of a young boy faced with temptation and shows what he does. It is a unique twist when compared with other stories about temptation and it will keep you and your child on the edge of your seat wondering what Nate will do. This is a story that teaches lessons which are applicable to all age levels.

Halfway Herbert is a story also of a boy who usually does things halfway. It teaches about giving of your best. Readers journey with Herbert and learn what living for God really means. These are some of the best children’s bible story books that can help your child learn about God and what it means to be a Christian. These books are also useful in helping to strengthen reading skills.

Halfway Herbert is a story also of a boy who usually does things halfway. It teaches about giving of your best. Readers journey with Herbert and learn what living for God really means. These are some of the best children’s bible story books that can help your child learn about God and what it means to be a Christian.

What is the Best Bible Translation For kids?

So even though I said the bible is the best children’s bible story book, It can be challenging to find a bibles for kids that tells the story verbatim. This is so because in an effort to make the piece appealing, writers tend to use simple language so  that children can understand  and may use their imagination and add other elements to the story to make it more child friendly.

For some parents this is a turnoff and so if you are one of these parents I recommend buying the storybooks that teach biblical lessons such as Nate and the cake.  Parents can also purchase bible based activity books which share a little bit from the bible while giving kids fun activities to keep them engaged. You can also read the bible and retell your child the story in a way you believe would appeal to the child. Ultimately the goal is to lead the child to develop Christ like qualities while learning the story about a God who loves us all. Don’t lose sight of this bigger picture as you enjoy some of these best bible storybooks for kids. These books can be found in a Christian bookstore or via the online sellers such as Amazon.

Bible Stories With Moral lessons For Children

As parents, we strive to instill good values in our children, ensure that their needs are met and receive the best education possible. However, our number one priority should also be in training them up in the ways of the Lord and we do this by teaching them the word of God. But, with our busy schedules and the demands of life, this can sometimes quickly fall to the sidelines. 

 The good news is that as a fellow working mama, here are some ideas to help your small children grow in faith in addition to the fabulous teaching Bibles mentioned above.

  1. Set aside time to pray –  Include your children in your prayer time, even if you are already doing it, so that they can learn how to pray as well. This will help to get them into the habit of praying to God. Children are impressionable, so you can begin this at a young age even if your kids are not yet able to speak.
  2. Sing Songs – You could choose a hymn that is sung at church for them to learn and practice. You could incorporate this into your family worship time or just simply sing Christian songs to them before they head off to bed. Commit to just singing one song nightly and you will be amazed at how quickly everyone learns the words of the songs effortlessly.
  3. Memorize Scripture – You can get morning watch guide for daily scriptures to memorize.
  4. Doctrine – In a kid friendly manner, help your kids understand why you hold certain viewpoints. Feel free to turn to your favorite pastors as an additional resource and can help educate your children about God and faith, as well as provide inspiration and thought provoking content.

 I would say that the best bible for kids is one that is appropriate for the child’s age. What are your thoughts? What are some of your favorite storybooks and favorite bibles for kids?

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