Easy & Fun Bible Object Lessons For Kids

bible object lessons

A great way to teach about God is through Bible object lessons. Incorporating Bible object lessons into a curriculum or family devotion time is an great method for teaching children about God’s Word. So, whether you’re a parent, Sabbath or Sunday school teacher, or children’s ministry leader this post is for you as we will share some Bible object lessons you can incorporate into your teaching repertoire and watch as the Word of God comes alive for the little ones in your care. Enjoy these awesome object lessons.

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What are object lessons in the Bible?

Bible object lessons are practical examples of biblical truths illustrated with things from everyday life. This can include everyday objects or images which illustrate and reinforce the concepts found in the bible.

Using Bible object lessons is a hands-on approach that not only captures the attention of kids but also engages them in a way that allows the lessons to stay with them long after the class or session is over. By connecting bible truths to familiar and relatable objects, kids are more likely to grasp and apply these concepts in their everyday lives.

There are many object lessons in the bible. There can be bible object lessons on anger, bible object lessons on friendship, bible object lessons on fear, bible object lessons on praise and object lessons on prayer to name a few possible bible object lesson ideas.

How do you make Bible lessons fun for kids?

When planning object lessons for kids, it is very important that you choose objects that are relatable and engaging for the specific age group you are targeting. It is also important to consider the children’s developmental level and their familiarity with the bible stories or concepts being presented.

When conducting a Bible object lesson, it is a good idea to create a meaningful and interactive experience. Begin by introducing the object and its significance to the bible lesson. This can be done by using storytelling, reading a scripture passage, or discussing the lesson’s main point. Then, allow the kids to explore the object, encouraging them to interact and make connections between the object and the bible lesson being taught. For bible object lessons, you can use everyday items such as coins, puzzles, or even food to demonstrate Christian principles like generosity, perseverance, and forgiveness.

bible object lessons

To make the bible object lesson fun, it is important to have a clear objective and a well-planned program. Begin by introducing the object and explaining its significance to the lesson in kid friendly language. Use relevant bible passages to explain the principles you want to teach, and then use the object to bring those principles to life.

In addition to using objects, other elements such as visuals, music, or even skits can be added to make the lesson more engaging and appealing. To make the lesson interesting, participation and discussion among the children should be encouraged thus allowing them to share their own insights and experiences related to the lesson.

Finally, always tie the object lesson back to the larger biblical framework. Help the children understand how the lesson connects to the overall story of the Bible and the importance of applying these principles in their everyday lives.

What are some good Bible lessons for kids?

Some good bible lessons for kids include teaching about

Having visually stimulating exercises based on bible lessons such as those above, can help children develop a solid foundation and an enduring love for the Bible as they grow in their faith. In the next section we will look at some object lesson ideas you can use.

Awesome object lessons

If you are teaching a bible lesson about generosity, a simple bible object lessons you can do include the following: Get a jar as well as some candy such as skittles. The candy represents blessings. Pour the candy into the jar and explain how God blesses us abundantly to the overflow as you allow the candy to overflow from the jar. Candies are sweet and so is the blessings of God; it is sweet too.

As you do this lesson, encourage the children to think of ways they can bless others with their own “candies” of kindness and generosity and you can utilize the bible verse in the second half of Matthew 10:8. In the same way God gives to us, we should also share with others.

“Freely you have received; freely give.” Matthew 10: 8b NIV

Bible object lessons on faith are popular. Parents and teachers can find it challenging to explain faith because we can’t see or touch it. This next bible object lesson on faith is a great way to share with kids the idea of faith.

In Exodus 14 we find the story of Moses and the Israelites. They had been freed from slavery in Egypt and were on their way to the promised land when Pharoah and his army started after them in an effort to recapture them to bring them back to Egypt to be slaves. What would they do? They had the army behind them, mountains around them and a Red Sea in front. It looked like there was no way out.

The God of the impossible told Moses to lift up his rod and use it to part the Red Sea. What? Was this a joke? Use a rod, a stick and make land through the red sea? It took faith on Moses’ part to obey this command however Moses had a long and strong relationship with God through communication and obedience so he knew that if God said it he would do it as the impossible was possible with God.

How did Moses show he believed in God? He showed it by his action. The people around him knew he believed in God as he obeyed the instruction that God gave and the Red Sea parted and the Israelites walked across on dry land.

Moses action required faith. Faith is believing even when we can’t see. Moses could not see the dry land but he used his faith. This bible object lesson by Bedtime Devo Mama teaches about faith.

 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Bible object lessons teaching about salvation are also significant to teach kids. People try to get close to God by various means such as giving money to the poor or by doing other good deeds but the bible lets us know that we are saved not of ourselves instead it is a gift from God. Jerimiah 13:23, NIV says

Can an Ethiopian change his skin
    or a leopard its spots?
Neither can you do good
    who are accustomed to doing evil.

The point of this bible verse is that we can’t do anything to change ourselves. It is God only who can change us. In fact, Philippians 2:13 states “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” It is God who creates the change in us. We were born in sin but God will make our lives new when we accept his free gift. Join Kids enjoying Jesus on Youtube for an object lesson showing how we can get close to God.

Fun Bible lessons for kids

Bible object lessons for kids provide a great and effective way to teach important spiritual truths. By using relatable objects and interactive methods, you can help kids develop a deeper understanding and personal connection with God’s word. If you are looking for several ideas, you could grab a copy of “50 Great Object Lessons That Bring the Bible to Life” by Mark J Musser.

A free object lesson sample as given by this author and posted on Amazon is as below based on 1 John 1:8,9:

Washable markers; soap and water


  • Talk to your child about different kinds of sin–have him or her give examples of ways to sin by speaking, by doing, and by thinking
  • As your child gives examples, write each one down on his or her arms. Soon your child’s arms will be covered “in sin”
  • Discuss how we all do, say, and think many bad things and it covers us with sin. But when we ask Jesus for forgiveness, He comes and cleanses (washes) our sin away, leaving NO trace
  • Take your child to the kitchen sink or tub and wash away “the sin”
  • Talk about how we don’t need to be continually embarrassed or ashamed of what we did in the past. If we asked for forgiveness, no trace is left. It is gone!
  • Finish by giving your family a chance to pray and seek forgiveness for any sin anyone may have committed

For the full details on this object lesson visit Amazon and check out his 71 page book for more great Bible object lessons ideas.

Bible object lessons

Bible object lessons for kids are a fabulous tool for teaching important biblical principles in a fun and interactive way. Object lessons involve using tangible items to show and reinforce key biblical concepts, making it easier for children to understand and remember the message.

We hope that this post gave you some resources you can use to find bible object lessons to share with your kids. Let us know which object lessons you used and how your kids enjoyed it in the comments section below.

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