4 Creative Bible Journaling Ideas For Kids To Try

We will share bible journaling ideas as bible journaling is a creative way for kids to connect with God’s word and express themselves through art. Bible journaling has become increasingly popular among adults in recent years and it can also be a wonderful activity for kids too. In this post, we will share some of the benefits of kids Bible journaling, some tips for getting started, and a few creative ideas to try.

Bible Journaling For Beginners

What Is Bible Journaling?

Bible journaling is reading God’s word and then responding to his words by writing thoughts or doing something more creative like drawing, or even writing poetry. There are no strict rules about it. It is basically just creating a space where you document what you are experiencing as you spend time reading the Bible. You can choose to journal in your bible or use a special notebook.

Benefits of Kids Bible Journaling

There are many benefits to incorporating Bible journaling into a child’s spiritual routine. Here are just a few:

  1. Encourages Reflection: When kids take the time to reflect on what they’ve read in the Bible, it helps them to better understand and internalize the message from the Bible.
  2. Boosts Creativity: Bible journaling allows children to express themselves creatively, which can be a great outlet for their emotions and imagination.
  3. Enhances Memory: When kids interact with the Bible through writing and art, it can help them to remember key verses and stories.
  4. Fosters Spiritual Growth: By engaging with the Bible in a meaningful way, kids can deepen their relationship with God and grow in their faith.

How To Bible Journal- Getting Started

If you’re interested in introducing your child to Bible journaling, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose the Right Bible: Look for a Bible with wide margins or a journaling Bible specifically designed for this purpose. This will give your child plenty of room to write and draw. You can also opt to just use a child friendly bible version along with a notebook and have the child read the bible then express themselves with art or words in the notebook.
  2. Gather Supplies: You’ll need a few basic supplies. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on supplies instead you can just use what you have on hand. See our full list of supplies for bible journaling below.
  3. Set Aside Time: Make Bible journaling a regular part of your child’s spiritual routine. Choose a time that works well for your family, such as after dinner or before bed.
  4. Start Small: Encourage your child to start with a short passage or verse, rather than diving into a longer story. This will help them to focus and stay engaged.
bible journaling ideas

Supplies For Bible Journaling

Here are the basic things you will need in order to start bible journaling.

  1. A bible. As the name suggests its bible journaling so you will be reading the bible and then you can journal in the margins of the bible or get supply number 2 below.
  2. Notebook. If you prefer not to have your kids write in their bible, a great alternative is a specially chosen notebook. Large enough for drawings and a design your child likes.
  3. Writing or drawing tools. You will need pens or pencils , crayons or paint depending on the creation your child wishes to make after reading the Bible.
  4. Decorative items. These could be stickers, stamps, magazine pictures or other photographs. It al depends on what your bible journaling idea is for that day’s journal entry.
  5. Storage. Its great to keep your bible journaling supplies in a special place whether or box or cupboard so when you are ready everything is available for you.
  6. Templates. This is not a must but some persons opt to use templates which serve to provide bible journaling ideas. You can download our bible journaling ideas templates for kids bible journaling.

Bible Journaling Ideas

Once your child is comfortable with the basics of Bible journaling, there are endless possibilities for creative expression. Here are a some bible journaling ideas to get the process going.

  1. Verse Mapping: This is a fun way to break down a verse and really explore its meaning. Have your child write the verse in the center of the page and then draw arrows out to different words or phrases, with thoughts or questions about each one. Bible journaling ideas such as this gets kids connecting ideas in a bible verse.
  2. Character Studies: Choose a character from the Bible and have your child create a page that explores their story. They can write key facts, draw pictures, or even create a comic strip. Bible journaling ideas like this one helps kids remember more about the people in the bible.
  3. Prayer Pages: Encourage your child to create a page dedicated to prayer requests or answered prayers. They can write down specific requests and then decorate the page with stickers or drawings. Bible journaling ideas like this one encourages kids to talk to God as they read the Bible. Our post on the top 5 glorious and short morning prayers for kids can offer some prayer help for your kids journals.
  4. Gratitude Pages: Have your child create a page that expresses gratitude for something in their life. They can write down what they’re thankful for and then decorate the page with colors and images that reflect their gratitude. Bible journaling ideas like this helps kids to always remember to be thankful.

You can download our bible journaling ideas templates for kids bible journaling.

Bible Journaling Ideas-Notebooks

Bible journaling notebooks are widely available. Some notebooks take the form of prayer journals or gratitude journals while others are more general. Two general bible journaling notebooks are like those below.

Bible Journal for Kids: Digging Into God’s Word (D.I.G. Series (for Kids!) is one bible journaling notebook you can purchase for your child. In this bible journal book it uses the bible journaling idea of read, write, draw and pray. It is a creative Bible journal designed for kids ages 8 to 12. Life can feel so hurried and it feels like there is not enough time to make space for reading the Bible. This 69 page journal can help slow down the pace of life and have the kids focus on just a couple Bible verses.

Another Bible journaling idea notebook is the Read It! Pray It! Write It! Draw It! Do It!: A Faith-Building Interactive Journal for Kids.

This is 192 pages designed for kids 6 to 10 years old. This bible journal notebook encourages kids to “read a scripture passage (a key Bible passage is included), pray about it (a prayer starter is included), journal their own thoughts and feelings (a journal prompt is included), and draw a related picture (a drawing prompt is included). Each topically arranged section wraps up with a related “doing” activity as well–encouraging your kids to live out their faith in real life!”

An example of a bible journaling prayer notebook is Prayer Journal for Kids by June and Lucy Kids. This 108 page journal helps kids strengthen their relationship with God and has features such as:

  • space to pray for others, thank God for their blessings, and reflect on a daily Bible verse or story
  • inspirational verses and a unique system for recording prayers

Bible journal ideas involve gratitude. An example of a gratitude journal is the Christian Gratitude Journal for Kids: Daily Journal with Bible Verses and Writing Prompts (Bible Gratitude Journal for Boys & Girls). This is a 100 page journal for kids.

Adventure Bible Field Notes, Luke, Paperback, Comfort Print: My First Bible Journal includes the full text of the book of Luke from the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV). Its 112 pages is designed for kids 8-12 years of age. Below is a “Live It!” journaling prompt excerpt on How to love your enemies as seen on Bible connection.

Luke 6:27–36

“Love is not just a feeling. Christian love means caring about other people and doing nice things for them. Read Luke 6:27–36. Jesus wants us to love all people, even our enemies.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like you or is mean to you? Here are some ways to show love to your enemy: Smile. Be friendly. Pray for her. Help him with schoolwork. Say nice things about her. Choose her for your team. Can you think of other ways to show love to your enemy? Write your ideas below.”

Bible Journaling Ideas For Kids

Bible journaling is a wonderful way for kids to connect with God’s word and express themselves creatively. Feel free to download our bible journaling ideas templates for kids bible journaling. By incorporating bible journaling ideas into your child’s spiritual routine, you can help them to deepen their faith and grow in their relationship with God. So why not give it a try? Grab some supplies, set aside some time, and let your child’s creativity soar!

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