14 Fun Kids Craft For Bible Stories

craft for bible stories

Looking for free printable craft for bible stories? Look no further because in this bible activities for kids post we will talk about some great bible story crafts for kids. We will feature some craft for bible stories which are all time favorites. You and your kids are guaranteed to have a “whale’ of a time with Jonah and the whale bible story arts and crafts along with other favorite bible story characters like Noah and Daniel. Come along and lets have some bible craft for bible stories fun everyone!

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Craft For Bible Stories About Jesus’ Miracles

Do you know anyone who is blind? Have you ever done something blindfolded? I have played a game involving being blindfolded and it is no fun not being able to see. Doing a craft for bible stories such as this story of Jesus and the blind man will however be a great experience for kids.

For the man who was blind from birth it was quite an experience to meet Jesus and finally be able to see. He was so excited because he was blind for years but now he could finally see. The story of this man is found in John 9. You can review this story with your children and then join Beth on her website for the Jesus heals the blind man glasses craft. It celebrates the power of God to bring healing and is a cool craft you will all enjoy together.

Another story which speaks to the mighty power of God is when Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead. Imagine that! A man dead for days comes back to life by the words of Jesus ” Lazarus come forth.” You can find this story in John 11. What a wonderful God we serve. Bible Crafts For Kids has a create a page craft featuring this story. Enjoy this lively bible story craft for kids.

craft for bible stories

In John 2:1-11 we find the story of Jesus changing water into wine. This is an amazing story to share with children. They will be in awe of the concept of water becoming wine. Nothing is hard for Jesus and he is interested in all areas of our lives even our social activities such as weddings. Danielle’s Place has children’s bible story arts and crafts to match this miraculous story.

Free Printable Bible Story Crafts About God Keeping His Promises

A most favorite bible story to teach children is that of Noah and the ark. Noah was a righteous man and chose to obey God. His story is found in Genesis 6. At the end of the flood God puts a rainbow in the sky which serves as a promise to all humanity that he will never send a flood to destroy the whole earth again. Bible story printables website has a cloud craft to remind us all of this wonderful promise from God.

Fun365 also has a detailed description of a Noah’s ark rainbow craft. It looks really beautiful and I believe you and your kids will love doing these craft for bible stories such as Noah and the ark.

God’s promises are all throughout the bible. We find them in several bible verses. Carson Dellosa Education has a beautiful chart featuring some of God’s promises in the bible. You will need to visit their website and create a log in to download this wonderful resource which you can laminate and hang on your child’s bedroom wall. For other printables featuring promises of God check out our own feature standing on the promises of God, the printable is shown below. You can do this as a bible activity as you do craft for bible stories.

craft for bible stories standing on the promises of God

Bible Story Crafts For Kids About God’s Protection

This next story is an all time favorite. A man of God named Daniel was thrown in the lions den because he chose to obey God’s word. His accusers thought the lions would have eaten him to death but instead an angel came and shut the lions mouth. This story is found in Daniel 6 and reminds us that God protects his children. Bible Games Central has a Daniel in the Lion’s den pop up craft idea that you and the kids will love as you make craft for bible stories.

Craft ideas for bible stories are needed to help kids remember the messages being taught from the bible. In teaching about God’s protection a bible story arts and crafts can be done for the story of the three Hebrew boys who were thrown in the fire. In Daniel 3:8-25 we find this story about God’s protection. Try the fiery furnace door crafts with Bible Crafts with Jenny. It is really great to know that God takes care of his children.

Craft For Bible Stories About Obedience

Who remembers Jonah? Oh yes, he was that prophet who ran away from God’s call. He tried to run away from God only to be caught in a storm then in the belly of a whale and then to find himself back to God doing the very thing God had asked him to from the beginning. Talk about going in a circle.

Jonah’s story reminds us that when we choose to disobey God things don’t go the way we would like so obedience is always best. As you read this story from the book of Jonah in the Old Testament, have your kids visit Jessica’s webpage as she has five Jonah and the whale craft ideas that they will surely enjoy as they do their craft for bible stories bible activity.

craft for bible stories

In 1 Samuel 8-10 we find a story which shows us that Samuel chose to be obedient to the requests of God. Children need to be obedient to their parents and to God. As you teach this concept, join Sunday School Zone for the Samuel followed God Bible Craft. It is messy but it is fun. You can enjoy this as a church craft for kids or a craft for bible school or just as a fun craft at home while teaching this obedience bible story.

Craft For Bible Stories About God’s Provision

After being miraculously delivered by the hand of God out of Egypt, the children of Israel started to complain. They said that

“If only we had died by the Lord’s hand in Egypt! There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death.”

God replied by telling them

“I will rain down bread from heaven for you”

God sending manna from heaven is found in Exodus 16. Even when we are ungrateful to God, He is still looking for ways to provide for us as seen in this bible story. It shows us just how much God cares for us despite our human faults. Karen and Grace have four bible crafts based on this story of God providing manna. They help kids make manna, a basket with manna and two types of quail. Choose the one you like or do all as you use these great craft ideas for bible stories about God’s provision.

In 1 Kings 17, Elijah delivers a message from God to King Ahab.

“As the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, whom I serve, there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except at my word.”

What! No rain for years? That means a drought and possibly famine as crops need water to grow. How would the people survive? How would Elijah survive? Well, God provided for Elijah. God told Elijah

“Leave here, turn eastward and hide in the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan.  You will drink from the brook, and I have directed the ravens to supply you with food there.”

Yes, God always provides even if he has to use birds like ravens. Ravens are scavengers so, they don’t always go to the most clean places for food however its not about how God provides but that he provides and it was quite a miracle to have a raven bring food every day to Elijah. Bible story crafts for kids such as this Paper Bag Crow or Raven Craft done by DLTK’s Crafts for Kids, is a great reminder that God has millions of ways to provide for his children.

If you thought the story about ravens bringing food was the end of God’s food miracle for Elijah, there is more. When the water from the brook dried up God told Elijah to make his way to a widow. A widow? Yes a widow! What an unlikely source for food. In the bible times men were the primary providers for families so a home without a man providing was a home that likely needed food. In essence, God sent Elijah to get food from a poor family.

craft for bible stories

God tests this widow by asking her to give the prophet the last remaining food she has and then God provides a great miracle by providing the widow food which did not run out until when God sent rain to the land. Awesome God!

Using craft ideas for bible stories to tell the great ability of God to provide in any situation is a fun bible activity for kids. All craft ideas blog has a collection of craft ideas based on Elijah’s story you and your kids can enjoy so have fun doing these craft for bible stories.

Children’s Bible Stories And Crafts About God’s Love

The core message of the bible is that God loves us. This message is brought to us via bible verses and bible stories. One bible story that shares this message is the story of the prodigal son. A son takes his inheritance and leaves his father’s home to enjoy life in a far away land.

After spending his money unwisely he finds himself without life’s basic necessities. He decides that he will be better off if he goes back to his father’s house. The big question though is will his father take him back? Luke 15:11-32 shares this story. As you read this story you can do the crafts for kids shared by Bible Crafts and Activities. There are over five bible story crafts for kids here so have a blast doing this craft for bible stories activity.

In the same chapter in Luke 15, we find the story of the lost sheep and the lost coin. These stories also point us to the love of God. The sheep and the coin did not know they were lost but they were still being searched for by their owners who thought they were important.

The shepherd had 99 sheep which were safe but he still went after the one that was lost and the woman lost one coin but still went searching for it. Even if we are the only one lost, God loves us and will come searching after us. April’s Homemaking has a cute book craft involving these two bible stories.

Bible Story Arts And Crafts

Crafts for bible stories is a great bible activity for you and the kids to enjoy. You can all learn the bible story as you read from the word of God and then have a chance to remember the details of the story by doing bible craft.

This bible story craft for kids post had several ideas which I trust you found to your liking. Whether its craft for bible stories about God’s love, God’s provision, God’s protection, obedience or God’s promises, there are many bible stories which we can craft. As you do this bible activity with your kids, let us know which ones you and your kids enjoyed in the comments below. Have fun doing craft for bible stories!

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